100 Mental Models

100 Mental Models To Make You A Worldly Wise Person

Sorted into 15 sections:

  • PHYSICS (the foundations of our galaxies best thinkers)

  • SCIENCE & SCIENTISM (truth vs facts)

  • EVOLUTION (it’s not what you think)

  • STATISTICS (174% of ‘facts’ are misleading)

  • PSYCHOLOGY (humans are weird)

  • BUSINESS 101 (for owners not accountants)

  • TOOLS for ANALYSIS (meta-thinking)

  • DECISION MAKING (be less wrong)

  • ARGUING vs NEGOTIATING (winning arguments vs winning)

  • INTERPERSONAL (soft skills are underrated)

  • THE DARK ARTS (persuasion hacks)

  • CREATIVITY (breaking boundaries)

  • SUCCESS PATTERNS (open secrets to success)

  • PRODUCTIVITY (read this first)

  • KEYS of STRATEGY (connecting the dots)


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